Çağdaş ArslanÇağdaş ArslanChair (Co-founder)

Çağdaş Arslan has graduated from International Relations at Kocaeli University, Turkey. He started his master studies in Political Science at University of Vienna in 2014. As of 2015, he is enrolled in another master program in Islamic Religion Pedagogy at University of Vienna, thus he currently pursues two masters simultaneously. Having worked for various national and international organizations and institutions in different posts, Çağdaş Arslan has coordinated a raft of social projects and organized innumerable events. Since 2014, he is a school teacher of pupils of Turkish origin living in Austria. Çağdaş Arslan is the Founding Director of PS: Europe. He speaks English and German.

Contact: cagdasarslan@ps-europe.org

Seren Selvin KorkmazSeren Selvin KorkmazVice-Chair (Co-founder)

Seren Selvin Korkmaz is a Fox International Fellow in Macmillian International and Area Studies at Yale University. Seren pursues her PhD degree in Political Science and International Relations at Boğaziçi University. Her research interests include political economy of exclusion, space politics, identity politics, state-society relations, democratization and Turkish politics. Seren worked in the International Relations Department of Özyeğin University, Istanbul as research and teaching assistant. She is the co-founder, vice-chair and co-director of academic studies of Political and Social Research Institute of Europe (PS:EUROPE). She worked as Director of Turkey Office in 2015-2017. She has also contributed to the studies and administration of various NGOs and research centers; and participated in various congresses, workshops and seminars as speaker and organizer. Seren is also granted as a candidate of “youth leader” by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Turkey and participated in “leader training sessions” in 2016-2017 in Turkey and Germany.

Contact: selvinkorkmaz@ps-europe.org

Deniz YavuzyılmazDeniz YavuzyılmazVice-Chair

Deniz Yavuzyılmaz, graduated from Electrical Engineering Department of Yıldız Technical University and pursues his second BA degree in International Relations Department of Anadolu University. Yavuzyılmaz had worked in Algeria, Libya and Caucasus for years where he had a chance to observe and analyze the regional dynamics. In addition to his professional career he specifically works in order to raise awareness towards the active participation of the youth to the politics and he focuses on the projects which basically aim the application of some philosophical theories to Turkish politics. He has written articles in various journals since 2011. He currently studies on two books; one is the psychological novel called “Adım Adım” (Step by Step) and the other is a philosophical book “Sonsuzluk Teorisi” (The Theory of Eternity).  Yavuzyılmaz, has been members of the Association of Social Democracy (SDD), Atatürkist Thought Association (ADD) and Amnesty International. He also works voluntarily for AKUT Search and Rescue Association and Mathematics and Philosophy Village of Nesin Foundation.

Contact: denizyavuzyilmaz@ps-europe.org

Ebru FidanEbru FidanTreasurer

Ebru Fidan was born in the province of Vorarlberg in Austria. She has graduated from the Handelsakademie Bregenz (Commercial High School) and is currently working toward a Bachelor degree in Food Science, Education, and PoliticalScience at the University of Vienna. She will begin her graduate studies in the winter semester of 2015 as she works toward a Masters in Religious Education. Ebru Fidan will also begin to work as a religion teacher while studying. She is a member of the Executive Board of PS:EUROPE and serves as a treasurer for the association. She contributes to national and international projects and is currently working on a project on behalf of PS:Europe called “Daseinandertreffen der Kulturen” (The Meeting of Cultures).  She worked as a translator for several national and international real estate magazines, and is proficient in German, Turkish, English and French.

Contact: ebrufidan@ps-europe.org

Berçem Pınar PiriştineBerçem Pınar Piriştine | Secretary General

Berçem Pınar Piriştine, graduated from Sakarya University with a Bachelor`s degree in International Relations. After she had completed German language competence in 2013, she decided to continue her career in Vienna. She is about to finish her M.A. degree in Political Science specialized on Gender & Politics and International Developments. Her current master study is about Turkish origin students who live in Vienna, their social integration and its impact on academic integration. She has been involved in various international projects and organizations. Her research interests are Gender Equality, Domestic Violence, Feminist Economics, International Developments and Global Energy Politics. She speaks Turkish, English and German.

Contact: bercempiristine@ps-europe.org