The Political and Social Research Institute of Europe (PS:EUROPE) is an independent, non-partisan and non-governmental organization which was founded in Vienna, Austria. PS:EUROPE focuses on policy analysis, academic research projects and social policy recommendations. The objective of the organization is to create an academic and social platform which ensures the dialogue among independent researchers and civil society organizations as well as activists in Europe.

PS:EUROPE is a research institute which shares various types of publications such as research papers, book reviews, political, social and economic analyses, interviews and commentaries in order to present different perspectives towards contemporary issues. The institute welcomes the theoretical and political pluralism. PS:EUROPE organizes training sessions, seminars, presentations and international conferences in order to share experiences and knowledge.

As an organization of young researchers, PS:EUROPE seeks to promote democracy and social development and contribute to the peace in the world in overall activities of the institute.

PS:EUROPE is a young organization which was founded in January, 2015. It has members from different countries and backgrounds who continue their graduate educations and academic researchers in respected universities of Europe.