Green Power Erasmus + Project

Erasmus+ Project Green Power is Continuing!

Green Power Erasmus + ProjectThe Erasmus+ Project “Green Power” organized by PS:EUROPE has started!

After the arrival and greeting of the participants in the first day, the second day was the official start of the project, during which the motivated participants started to get to know each other while playing some ice-breaking games, having some energizers… They also discussed about the Europe 2020 sustainability and renewable energy goals, which is the point of origin of the “Green Power” project. Another key discussion of the day was about the fears and expectations of the participants, which was helpful to breaking the ice between them. The third day was one of the funniest and busiest days, in which the participants visited a landfill and gained some practical knowledge about the recycling. In the afternoon PS:EUROPE hosted Wolfgang Pirklhuber, an important MP of the Green Party Austria, who is the party speaker for agriculture, regional culture and food security. During and after his speech important and productive discussions which allowed the participants to gain an expert perspective and widen their owns were held. In the following days lots of workshops about Ecological Footprint, Erasmus+ etc. and some other exciting activities like interviews about the eco-awareness were organized.

In addition to the enjoyful activities like pub crawls, an international night was organized in which every country has presented their typical cultural foods and drinks. The participants had the chance to exchange their culture and building important networks!

The rest of the project news is coming soon!