Nazlı AzergünNazlı Azergün | Editor

Nazlı Azergün has graduated from Political Science and International Relations department of Bogazici University in 2016. She spent a semester at SciencesPo Paris under the auspices of Erasmus+ program. She participated in Young Scholars and Young Global programs of Global Relations Forum, the Turkish think-tank which dwells on global affairs and international politics. After the successful completion of the youth programs, she started working part time at the GRF in April 2016. Her research interests include affect theory, collective memory, gender, and alternative political organization/mobilization models. She speaks English and French, and has a basic knowledge of Kurdish.

Contact: nazliazergun@ps-europe.org

Alkın SaygıAlkın Saygı | Editor

Alkın Saygı is currently a senior undergraduate student in the department of Political Science & International Relations at Boğaziçi University, İstanbul. He worked as an editor for an international news agency which is headquartered in İstanbul. Besides his writings upon the politics in Caucasus and Turkic Republics, he has a keen interest in EU & Turkey relations, integration, migration, identity politics, religion and society. He speaks English and German.

Contact: alkinsaygi@ps-europe.org

Yunus Furkan ArıcanYunus Furkan Arıcan | Editor

Yunus Furkan Arıcan received his Bachelor’s Degree from the department of Political Science and Public Administration, Ankara University in 2015.  In that year, Arıcan started to study as a Master student at Boğaziçi University in the department of Social Policy. Arıcan has involved in various projects carried out by several NGO’s during his undergraduate years. He is currently taking part at United Kingdom based think-thank called Research Turkey as a team member. The main academic field of interest are the following; labour market institutions, trade union organizations, democracy and development and social justice theories. He works at academic department in PS:EUROPE.

Contact: yfurkanarican@ps-europe.org

Sümeyra AkarçeşmeSümeyra Akarçeşme | Editor

Sümeyra Akarçeşme is a final year undergraduate Sociology Student at the University of Vienna. In the academic year 2013/2014, she studied a year at Aston University, UK at the Department of Languages and Social Sciences. Sümeyra soon displayed strong interest in Public Diplomacy and Soft Power, which can be seen in her commitment outside University. Having had the chance of experiencing a glimpse of diplomacy at the Model United Nations 2014 in London by representing the Republic of Cameroon as a delegate in the UNICEF committee, she had the opportunity to work together with international students to find solutions to global challenges, acquire new knowledge and skills, and build relationships that cross borders of background, cultures and nationalities. Currently, she is working on her Bachelor’s Thesis about a qualitative research on “The Everyday Life of Prison Inmates in Gerasdorf”.

Contact: sumeyraakarcesme@ps-europe.org