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Academic Writing Workshop

PS:EUROPE organised Academic Writing Workshop on 11 March 2017 in Kadir Has University. The event aimed to introduce efficient and organised ways of writing academic articles for people who are involved in social sciences, and it was mentored by Seren Selvin Korkmaz (Director General of Turkey), Edgar Şar and Alphan Telek (the Directors of Academic Affairs). We thank our participants ...

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The Danger of Some Leaders

We Should Listen to the Master Yoda: Hate Leads to Suffering The construction of “enemy image” is the most salient component within the political scene. Political actors or citizens employ their own perceptions within the politics in order to emphasize the division of “us and them” in particular sentiments. Strong and competent leaders (mostly presidents) respond to these grievances if ...

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PS:EUROPE Tea Talks #1

The first session of PS:EUROPE Tea Talks was held on February 23, 2017 with the participation of distinguished academics and young social scientists in Turkey. The members of our Advisory Council Aslı Silahdaroğlu Bekmen, Prof. Mine Eder, Assoc. Prof. Ayşen Candaş, Assoc. Prof. Zeynep Gambetti, Assist. Prof. Volkan Çıdam, as well as Prof. Fulya Atacan, Prof. Yüksel Taşkın, Prof. Gencer ...

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Brown Bag Seminar # 5 – Rethinking the Future of Globalization and Liberalism


The fifth PS:EUROPE Brown Bag Seminar entitled “Rethinking the Future of Globalization and Liberalism” was held on January 15, 2017 at Kadir Has University. The seminar began with the Seren Selvin Korkmaz’s opening speech, the director of PS:EUROPE Turkey Office. The seminar moderated by Aslı Silahdaroğlu Bekmen, PS:EUROPE Advisory Board member, took place with the participation of Assoc. Dr. Evren ...

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The Right to the City and Refugees in the Neoliberal Era

The last decade of the neoliberal era, with its destructive economic policies created broad and deep social and spatial inequalities. In recent years, people from different cities around the world raised their voices against the neoliberal attack on public spaces that showed itself as state-led privatization and commodification of the daily life. The voices grew into urban social movements, as ...

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How the Competitive Authoritarian Rules Become “Acceptable”: Turkey and Hungary

Competitive authoritarianism is a hybrid form of regime which combines “a democratic access to power” with the “authoritarian exercise of power.”[1] In this sense, the main feature of electoral/competitive authoritarianism is its relation to democratic institutions that are viewed as the principal means of exercising political authority.[2] Democratic institutions can be used to contest for power, but these regimes lack ...

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Brown Bag Seminar #4: Right-wing Populism in the 21st Century: The Future of Globalization and Democracy

The fourth PS:EUROPE Brown Bag Seminar entitled “Right-wing Populism in the 21st Century: The Future of Globalization and Democracy” was held on November 27 at the Kadir Has University. The speakers of the seminar were Prof. Yüksel Taşkın and Assoc. Prof. Behlül Özkan, faculty members of Marmara University. After the speeches of speakers the seminar moderated by Edgar Şar, PS:EUROPE ...

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“Green Power” Erasmus + Project Ended!

Green Power Erasmus + Project

64 participants from different countries of Europe were together to discuss about important environmental problems, gain some knowledge about the seriousness of the topic and think as young and dynamic people what they can do against the negative developments in this field. For seven days they were involved with the issue, they participated in workshops, visited a landfill, made presentations ...

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